PSR believes that every client should concentrate on what they do best – competing! We enable our clients to focus on their profession and ensure that all career objectives are accomplished. PSR is a 100% referral company; thus we spend 0% of our time on recruitment, and 100% of our time on client service – that is the PSR difference! To date, PSR has successfully negotiated over $2.2 billion in client contracts.


PSR performs all negotiations on behalf of our clients. Contract negotiation is the cornerstone of PSR, as we have negotiated over $2.2 Billion in professional sports contracts in the NFL, NCAA, and MLB, among other leagues. We believe that our clients deserve the best representation during the process of negotiating a contract, and our track record of providing the highest level of professional service is unparalleled..


PSR is fully committed to the success of our clients. PSR diligently informs our clients of all developments that impact their professional career. We serve as advisor and confidante to our clients on a 24-hour/365-day per year basis. PSR educates our clients about the issues to be faced as their careers progress, to ensure preparation. We strive to minimize distractions, and ensure that all goals are achieved.


PSR recognizes our clients are at the peak of their earning power, and thus we engage in careful professional and financial planning. As our clients near retirement, we strive to ensure a smooth transition from a personal and financial perspective. PSR has partnered with the finest attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors, in order to be well-informed about contractual language, tax law, and wealth analysis.

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